Plan of Work



6 February 2009

1. Brainstorming with group members about our project concept and theme.

· Recycle

· Industrial machine

· Music

· Environment

2. We decided to have environment theme and we developed an ideas to construct the auto cleaner named Qaseh.

3. We developed a design for the robot.

4. Find the materials such as brush and span.

23 February 2009

1. We designed the auto cleaner robot using the NXT lego.

· Design 1

ü Using two bricks because we needed five motors to move the robot.

ü However, we decided to change the design because it is too long and can not move smoothly.

· Design 2

ü Using one brick.

ü Shorter than the first design.

ü Have problem to move the robot because the small wheels at the back are not stable.

2 March 2009

1. We have decided the last design and should be the last design for our robot.

2. We have discussed about the concepts and themes for it.

3. We also tested the program for the robot.

  • Automatic cleaner – using three sensors.

ü Touch

ü Light

ü Ultrasonic

4. The program is needed some improvement because the sensors do not work well.

9 March 2009

1. We have tried many times to change and modify the program for the robot.

2. We are tested the automatic program used the sensors. But, we do not satisfy with the program.

3. We are shared opinions and choose to change the program.

4. We choose to use Bluetooth and remote control to control the robot.

  • Design 1

ü Use brick, motor and wheel as a remote control.

ü Do not move smoothly. Difficult to move the robot from right to left and others.

  • Design 2

ü Use brick, two motors and two touch sensors.

ü One of the motor works as a joystick.

ü Easy to control the robot.

23 arch 2009

1. The robot works well with the joystick that able to control the robot.

2. We have presented our robot process and function to friends and lecturer.

3. We also recorded the video and do the documentation or report.

30 arch 2009

1. Submit the documentation and video.


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