We decided to choose auto cleaner robot based on problem given. By creating and introducing this robot to Year 5 students, it can encourage students to help their parent to do house cleaning. Using robot to do the house cleaning is a fun and easy way. As a result it will attract students and parent together to clean their house. We look this robot as a solution for parent and students to spend time together in happy way.

There are many ideas come out during brainstorming session but we have to choose one idea that really can be effective and relevant to solve the problem. After decided the theme of robot, we decided the concept. We want to create a robot that can clean the floor. So, we wanted a robot that can sweep and mop the floor. However, there are problems in creating the design and programming. There are two design of robot. First design is something that small and compact. Second design is large and big. However, second design is hard to handle. Besides that, there are additional materials that will be used in this project as a function of sweeper and mop. The materials are brush and sponge.

The ideas of programming are using touch sensor and ultrasonic sensor. We want the robot work according the sound of whistle. Then, the robot will stop automatic if hit or touch something. Another idea is using controller. The robot will be control using a joystick. This idea needs two NXT to operate. There is no sensor at robot’s body. The body only needs one NXT and three motor. There are pros and cons for both programme.

After several times discussion and brain storming, we decided to produce domestic robot for cleaning the house. We decided to do the auto cleaner robot. This robot also can use in badminton court, office and shop. The purposes of this robot are sweep and mop the floor. The robot’s design is small and compact. The sweeper will be put in front of robot. The sweeper will sweep the rubbish into the box at the back of sweeper. The sponge at the button of body will mop the floor. This robot will operate and function using controller. The touch sensor is use to start and stop the sweeper. The motor is use to control the robot’s movement.


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