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Activity Report on 2/3/2009

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During the 2/3/2009 workshop,

We have already design our Auto Cleaner Robot. Our robot has a compact and ergonomic design which are small, flexible and effective . We had applied the sweep and wipe activities at the same time in our robot. By doing this two activities at the same moment. We can save the energy and time for sweep and wipe the floor.

We have take our own initiatives to build a broom that suitable to our concept and robot. We have put the brush at the front of our robot for sweep the small rubbish, sand and dust. We also have create and put a container under the robot and behind the brush to collect the things that the brush have sweep.

Besides, we have put a sponge at the center bottom of the robot. This sponge are use to wipe the floor after the robot have sweep the rubbish. The sponge will wipe the dust that the brush cannot sweep. So, it will clean the floor better.


proposal for EDZ 019

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Project proposal
Project’s name: Auto cleaner robot
Robotics has influenced human lifestyle because robot helps human life easy. There are many development in develop and create robot since 1206 until now. Robots have been use widely in industrial area, education, science and technology and home cleaning. The purpose of using robot in daily life are the performance of robots are too accuracy and increased productivity. In educational area, robots help students to develop creative thinking, problem solving and improved in Mathematics and Science.

Problem statement
As we know, most of the house works done by women. However, women nowadays are busy to build their career and sometimes they do not have time to do the house work especially cleaning. They go for work on morning and come back on evening and night. They prefer to spend their free time with their kids, husband or friends. Besides that, using mops or broom or vacuum in cleaning house still need their time and energy to do that. Moreover, it is hard to do cleaning work when the house has many stairs. As a result, they need tool to help them make the cleaning work easy, simple, and fast but not take their precious time.

Problem solving
After several times discussion and brain storming, we decided to produce domestic robot for cleaning building such as home and hall. We decided to do the auto cleaner robot. This robot also can use at building. So, we can reduce the quantity of cleaner.

Auto cleaner robot’s objectives are to:-
1. Sweep / remove the small rubbish on the flour using automatic or semi auto robot.
2. After sweep, the robot also functions to mop the floor at the same time to clean the floor from dust.

Robot’s Functions
Our auto cleaner robot has two functions / programs. First, the robot can be function automatically. The auto cleaner robot is able to control its own movement using the touch sensor. If the touch sensor that was located at the front part of the robot touches any object, the robot will automatically turn left and move to backward. Second, the robot can also be function manually or semi auto. Applying the Bluetooth function that is connected the main brick with the brick controller, the user able to control the auto cleaner movement according to their needs. So, the auto cleaner robot is useful according the consumer needs whether wanted to use the automatic or semi auto function.

Group Members (D&T 2):
Mohd Kamarul Ariffin bin Mohd Zain (N 6090672)
Khairul Azwan bin Azman (N 6090419)
Naziah binti Hassan (N 6090559)
Roshidah binti Abdullah (N 6090605)

Project proposal

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After discussion and training session, ipin & d gang decided to do an auto cleaner robot as a final project.

Robot name : Qaseh a.k.a aunt cleaner

Objective : To clean the floor by wipe the rubbish into the garbage paper at the back of broom and mop the floor.

Robot overview : Ipin & d gang planned to build an auto cleaner robot to clean the floor by using two function (already state at the objective). This robot will operate by automatic system and semi-auto system based on situation. Automatic system will operate by detecting line using light sensor. For semi-auto system, it will by detecting whistle using sound sensor.

Problems : During the training session, we found that sound sensor make the robot cannot function well.

ipin & d gang

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This blog was set up for our robotics project. Members of Ipin & d gang are Mohd Kamarul Ariffin b Mohd Zain (Ipin), Khairul Azwan b Azman (Azwan), Naziah bt Hassan (Ziah), and Roshidah bt Abdullah (shidah). We are students from Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia(IPGM) campus Teknik. This semester we are require to develop a project and problem solving blog (we also dont know what it mean;p) for our educational computing environmental (but we called this course as a robotics). Now, we all are work hard to complete this task. As an introduction, this first blog is to introduce the members of Ipin & d gang=)..for the photo of ipin & d gang please click at media, thanks!!…

Hello world!

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