Activity Report on 2/3/2009

During the 2/3/2009 workshop,

We have already design our Auto Cleaner Robot. Our robot has a compact and ergonomic design which are small, flexible and effective . We had applied the sweep and wipe activities at the same time in our robot. By doing this two activities at the same moment. We can save the energy and time for sweep and wipe the floor.

We have take our own initiatives to build a broom that suitable to our concept and robot. We have put the brush at the front of our robot for sweep the small rubbish, sand and dust. We also have create and put a container under the robot and behind the brush to collect the things that the brush have sweep.

Besides, we have put a sponge at the center bottom of the robot. This sponge are use to wipe the floor after the robot have sweep the rubbish. The sponge will wipe the dust that the brush cannot sweep. So, it will clean the floor better.


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